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How can I use the X-Lite / Eyebeam SIP softphone dialer?

1. Download and install the XlitejackPlugin.

2. Your magicJack MUST be plugged in and running as per the manufacturer's instructions.

3. The X-Lite SIP dialer (X-Lite Version 3.0 from MUST be installed and running. Eyebeam 1.5 is also supported.

4. Go to the Options/Devices/Headset section of the X-Lite dialer and make sure the Speaker and Microphone devices are set to "USB Internet Phone by TigerJet".

5. If you previously downloaded a different software dialer from the phone provider whose service you are planning to use the X-Lite dialer with (i.e. Gizmo5 dialer, VoIPBuster dialer, etc...) make sure their custom softphone dialer is not running on your computer.

6. Configure the X-Lite dialer settings for your account using the instructions provided by your phone service provider.

7. As a courtesy, sample X-Lite configurations for Gizmo5, Teliax, VoIPBuster and VoxOX can be found here

8. When the X-Lite SIP dialer is running, the XlitejackPlugin icon in the lower right hand corner of your screen will turn BLUE.


1. Dial # followed by the number you wish to call. For magicJack calls, dial as normal.

2. To call other user names/aliases, dial the Speed Dial number #1 to #50 you have associated with their user name/alias in the Speed Dial table.

3. To access the Speed Dial table, double click on the XlitejackPlugin icon.

4. For incoming calls, just answer your phone when it rings.


1. Dial # from your phone keypad to open the X-Lite dialer or double click on the X-Lite dialer icon.

2. Manually enter the number you wish to call directly using the X-Lite dialer itself and then press the green send key on the X-Lite dialer.

3. You will talk via your phone handset. When you are finished with the call just hang up your phone handset.