magicjack run windows service how can do I to

How can I setup magicJack as a service?

We do NOT recommend using the product outside the scope of how the manufacturer designed and intended it to be used.

Using it outside this scope, will no doubt result in performance and feature side affects. One such known side affect when the magicJack is run as a service is that it does not break dialtone when digits are dialed.

By setting it up as a service, you will also not readily be able to see or access the magicJack dialer. This makes troubleshooting and any problems with upgrades very difficult if not impossible to resolve. It of course also means you will not have the option to use a headset for your calls.

If you in a situation that really warrants keeping the magicJack dialer from popping up when calls are placed and keeping your work focused, we suggest you try the free Magicsilence plugin tool at .

Alternatively, you may set up a separate user account on your computer that is always logged on and run your magicJack from there.